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MindFix 1:1 Coaching

Meet Coach Leanne

Leanne’s life has bestowed on her inescapable variables of challenging days, a hand of unfavorable cards, and trials that none of us can avoid. We, each one of us, None of us are exempt from these tests. We embark on our own unique journeys, enduring them as we go. Along this path, I have weathered the storms, engaged in introspection, and deliberately chosen to refine my inner self.

I have delved deeper into self-discovery, analyzing my behavior, and scrutinizing my reactions, all in a quest to navigate life's unpredictability and make the most of the time I have been granted. I grew weary of my heightened emotional states, my inadequate responses to stress, and my struggles to persevere.

My personal odyssey commenced at a young age, around 17 or 18, when I ventured out from the comfort of my home. From that moment forward, I assumed full independence, providing solely for myself. I departed from the halls of education without any remarkable qualifications that could unlock exceptional career prospects. Moreover, I lacked the familial guidance often relied upon during those tender years.

Everything I have attained in life has been through self-education, self-exploration, personal study, and self-funding. This independence, though challenging, instilled in me an unwavering trust in my intuition and cultivated a tenacious work ethic. It honed my discipline in the pursuit of my objectives and fortified my resilience in the face of inevitable setbacks. Life is an arduous journey for all of us, and I draw from my experiences during times of adversity. I've navigated the trials of single parenthood, endured divorce, faced financial setbacks, coped with loss and grief, battled illnesses, ventured into entrepreneurship on my own, and maintained a harmonious household dynamic.


Through these trials, I've acquired the wisdom and insight to better assist others in achieving their goals. My arsenal includes tried-and-tested methods, a wealth of knowledge, nonjudgmental listening, the utmost confidentiality, hands-on experience, boundless compassion, and profound understanding. Throughout the entirety of our lives, there are moments when we require support, and I am here to ensure that you have a dedicated and personalized support system at your disposal.

What is Personal development coaching & what will it include

A structured dynamic approach to supporting you 1:1 in improvement in areas of your life we have discovered could benefit from addressing.- Self-sabotage eg; you cannot commit to achieving goals, addressing poor lifestyle choices, food relationships, or managing negative thought patterns​.

Working 1:1 with you I offer remote & in-person 1:1 personal development coaching programs. Designed individually for your specific needs.
I offer dedicated support & guidance. I ensure you find clarity and direction towards your personal goals.

I am able to help you connect with who you really are and help you focus on what it is that really brings you peace, calm, and fulfillment in your day-to-day life.

In offer unique expertise and incredible tools to teach you how can take back control of your mindset & moods. Using a interactive approach using

  • 1;1 video calls weekly

  • Journaling

  • Cold water immersion

In this unique approach of personal development coaching I will help you in

  • building confidence & self belief

  • creating integral habits & routines to your day

  • overcoming fears

  • setting goals & creating a specific action plan for you

  • clearer communication skills

  • challenge ing mind, body and soul with 1:1 WhatsApp support all the way

Let’s embark on this next phase of your life together

Coaching with Leanne

All coaching plans use a variety of variables to improve specific and your individual needs. These tools will vary person to person and will consists of a commitment to :

  • 1:1 video call weekly check ins

  • Cold water therapy in your home

  • Movement

  • What’s app support



Book a free 30 minute consultation call today


Pricing Plans

Premium Plan

1:1 personal development coaching plan

Video call weekly
WhatsApp support

( working hours )

4 Sessions


6 Sessions


Elite Plan

Intensive 90 mins face to face or zoom call x2
2 week whatsapp support
Summary & notes of call
Action Plan work sheet
Follow up video call


Additional Add Ons

Mind & Bodyfix Cold Tub set up £120
Mind & BodyFix Full body MOT treatment £85 90mins
- Massage
- Fire cupping
- Dry needling

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