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Meet Leanne

BodyFix Expert

BodyFix, founded by Leanne, emphasizes that there is nothing more powerful in fixing the body than the body itself. We are dedicated to empowering our clients to take an active role in their healing process. BodyFix specializes in chronic pain and pain related to muscular tension, trauma and stress. Our focus is on providing natural solutions to relieve pain and stress through integrative treatments. We believe in treating the body and brain as a whole to achieve the best outcomes for muscular pain and other injuries.

As a successsful Sports therapist for over a decade. I have committed to continuously learning throughout my career. Studying for 3 years to become a qualified CPCAB Level 3 Counsellor. I have achieved a high level of understanding of the Human anatomy & physiology and how that has a huge correlation to our brain and our overall well being.

Located in rural Biddenden at the idillic Bloomsbury’s of Biddenden. You can stroll through the stunning grounds and healing gardens. Wednesday- Sunday you can stop at the beautiful cafe’ to enjoy coffee on the terrace, home cafe cakes and local produce full English breakfasts ! Treat yourselves to all that Bloomsbury’s has to offer. On-site The Hebrary - Herbalist Yoga Family Chiropractic clinic Spa weekends And so much more Visit For further info


- Level 2 Counselling CPCAB
- Level 3 Counselling CPCAB
- Chinese Medical Cupping
- Advanced Chinese Medical Cupping
- Dry Needling FHT

- Sport Massage techniques ITEC
- Spinal Manipulation & mobilisation
- Medicinal Cannabis & CBD diploma
- Cold Water Exposure Diploma
- Advanced Certification in Life Coaching


Quite simply the best massage. I have been having treatments with Leanne for a while now and she has also introduced me to fire cupping and the benefits are incredible. I am someone who does a lot of exercise, and the benefits of having a professional massage and treating tweaks and pulls here and there to keep me in tip-top shape are second to none. I Could not recommend highly enough.

- Helen Young
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